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I don't have an Xbox 360 console, can I still use X-Link™?

Absolutely! While we've designed X-Link™ to be the best universal remote control with Xbox 360 support built in, we also designed it to be a great standalone universal remote control. The Xbox 360 button can even be re-programmed to control another device.

When I am watching Satellite TV and hit the power button, it turns the Satellite receiver off, not the TV. How can I make the power button turn the TV off instead?

X-Link™ supports the ability to set up your equipment using a four-digit code, by learning from another remote control or both. Generally it is best to select the best four-digit code you can find. Then use learning to train the button to do what you want.

In this case, since your Satellite receiver is working, just "learn" the power on/off command from your TV remote control on the Satellite Power button.

I've done all sorts of cool customization with my remote. It now works exactly the way I want. Will it lose all of its programming if the batteries run out?

No! We know that batteries run out. We have put in non-volatile memory in X-Link™. It keeps your settings even when the remote has no power.

I want to move X-Link™ to another room with different equipment but I've done lots of learning. How do I reset it back to factory default?

Step 1: Enter factory-reset mode by holding down two device buttons for approximately 3 seconds. After 3 seconds all of the device buttons will turn on to confirm you are in factory reset mode.

Step 2: Enter the code "9999" to erase all prior four-digit codes and any learned keys for all devices.

Pressing any key other than "9" will exit factory-reset mode.

Is there any way to reset just one device instead of the whole thing?

Yes, the steps are similar, but instead of holding down two buttons, you only hold down the device you want to reset.

Step 1: Enter setup mode by holding the device button down for approximately 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, all of the device buttons will blink to confirm you are in Setup mode.

Step 2: Enter the code "9999" to erase the prior four-digit code and any learned keys only for that device.

What is "Punch Through"?

In a fairly typical setup with a TV, Xbox 360 and Cable box, there
is only one device that controls the sound. It would be difficult to switch devices between Cable and TV every time you want to change the volume. By default, X-Link™ is set so that regardless of what device you are using, when you change the volume, it is sent to the TV. This is called “Punch Through.”

The volume up, down and mute don't do what I want. How do I set "Punch Through"?

We have a wizard to walk you through setting up punch through. Visit the wizard.

My question isn't covered here. How do I get more help?

Please visit our support page for available options. Actually contact us, we would be glad to help you!


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